Simplifying Impact, Empowering Global Change

An easy-to-use ecological Blockchain that enables mass adoption in Web3 and allows the DApps ecosystem to solve real user problems.

is designed primarily for people, not developers

By removing everything unnecessary that the average non-tech user doesn't need

We believe in driving widespread adoption through user-centric innovations

There is only ~1M transaction per day in Ethereum compared to ~366 million transactions per day in Mastercard

We empower individuals with blockchain solutions designed for everyday use

Only 1% of all people used blockchains

Benefit the People,
Benefit the Planet

Besides user-friendliness, our ecosystem aims to make a global impact by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from cars. According to the EU, this initiative has the potential to reduce overall CO2 levels in the atmosphere by 40%.

OONE World


The OONE World ecosystem aims to transform the transportation industry through blockchain and eco solutions. Our ecosystem offers a range of products and services tailored for both individuals and businesses

The Activity Potential of Our Ecosystem

Over 140 Million Transactions Each Month
  1. Wide adoption of our user-friendly blockchain and applications
  2. Engagement of users through incentives and rewards
  3. Integration with existing networks and partnerships
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